We will be up and running on the 29th  of July 2022. You can buy and sell using buy now or auction price tags. Make Extra Money with ourselves. No listing fees or membership fees' We only charge a 10% commission once a sale has been made. We have partnered with Paypal And Stripe as well as Payio which doesn't take your bank card details your payment is taken using your bank account app. 100% safer shopping is a mission we strive for. also protects customers on sales and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. We are the cheapest platform allowing other sellers, to sell their goods and make an extra income while offering customers a better shopping experience. We will also be tv marketing at some point next year. We need your support. We're in hard times with all the price rises happening around the world. Become a vendor and sell your own products and make an extra income selling your own products. you receive 20% tax if you're a business. If you have a CSV file you can upload and assign it to your own store you created within our site using store manager